Understanding a Timed+ Sale

Please read the following carefully:

This is a Timed+ Sale, which has some new and unique features:

Staggered Closings: Each lot is assigned a distinct start time, set exactly one minute apart from the next. Lot 1 will begin its final countdown at 10:00 am, Lot 2 at 10:01 am, Lot 3 at 10:02 am, and so on.

Bid Extensions: If a new bid is placed during the final 15 seconds of a lot's final countdown, that lot's timer will extend. For example, Lot 1 will start its final countdown at 10:00 am. If a new bid comes in during the final 15 seconds, its closing time will extend by 15 seconds. This extension will continue for each new bid, until no new bids come in. This means that Lot 1 and Lot 2 (and possibly others) could be open for bidding at the same time. Keeping your screen open to the view of all active lots will make bidding easy and clear.

Maximum Bid: Boost your chances of winning by setting your highest acceptable bid early. Once this is done, the system will anonymously auto-bid for you up to your preset limit. This feature ensures you don't lose a lot because you're preoccupied with another.

Tie-Breaking: If two bidders place the same max bid amount, the winner is the one who set their max bid first, so it's best to get your bids in early.

Happy Bidding!


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